• Channeling

Jeshua: When you inhale, you not only breathe in oxygen but also prana, a life force, a force that transcends the physical, and the sensorial. Thus a cosmic energy. Everyone is constantly channeling in its own way. You are channeling at all times when you are using your intuition, when you get inspired, when you feel deep inside yourself how things are truly works for you and how you would like things differently.
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• Dimensions

Light realm: Humans translate energy into dimensions, expressed by numbers; the higher the number, the higher the energy. The higher the energy of your soul, the higher the vibration frequency and the more subtle your energy will be. Read: Shining your soul

• Spiritual guide

Light realm: When you incarnate, your spiritual guide, your guardian angel will accompany you. Who also has angels. So we are here with a lot of helpers, spiritual guides and angels who assist you while you are taking steps. We as guardian angel can help and protect you to get to the energy level of your Higher Self. We are also on the energy level of the Higher Self. Read: Intuition

• Higher Self

Light realm: Every soul divides itself into 12 parts and 11 of them incarnate in different timelines. The 12th part, the Higher Self or the Higher Soul, stays behind. Read: Soul parts

If you can open up to your Higher Self, then you are also aligned with all-that-is. Your Higher Self is connected to the primal force, like I do. People think always: 'It is the energy around me, my Higher Self'. No, the energy you feel around you, are the higher beings that help you to align with your Higher Self.
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• Intuition

Light realm: In your world is intuition a reasonably accepted word while that does not apply to 'contact with your guide'. That's because intuition is taken from something earthly. But essentially it's one and the same. For intuition we are. If someone feels something intuitively, it means that someone at that time is connected to our world so that we can put the feeling in him. Read: Intuition

• Crystals

Light realm: Crystals are consciousness that basically visit the planet earth in order to help human beings for instance to be more involved in the spiritual world. Because crystals are consciousness that are living in collective reality, while you live in an individual reality. So they are coming to help you. Read: Crystals

• Living from the love in your heart

Light realm: 'Love in your heart' requires complete acceptance of the here and now and the place you are at this moment. So it means that you accept yourself as a human being, in every sense. So do not condemn others, neither yourself. Do not criticize yourself, just examine why things are as they are. Do not live in the past and do not live in the future.
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• Meditation

Light realm: Meditating is tuning into your feelings. Meditating is important to get in an other energy. As a human being you tend to swept away by different energies. By meditation, you shut yourself off so you can hold on the high energy. Read: Explanation love meditation

• Incarnationplan

Light realm: Before a soul incarnates you make a plan. Every soul has an incarnation plan, consisting of purposes of his life. You all have one learning theme in life what goes on, for example dealing with the problem 'power' or 'setting boundaries' or 'trust'. Read: Soul parts

• Counter forces

Light realm: Counter forces are energies that essentially want to keep you on a low level. They don’t take part in liberation, they will keep you on a low level in a dimension that serves them. This happens more often with people who already are in a lower dimension. Read: Lightworkers

• Transformation process

Light realm: You can by self-development, awareness and purification, be transformed to an increasingly higher level of energy. Before you finally transform to a higher dimension there are years of pathways and processes preceding the transformation dimensions. First you go a few times to the higher dimension in order to feel, to get used to it.
Read: Shining your soul

• Forms of channeling

Light realm: Channeling truly begins with confidence. Channeling, automatic writing, you name it. Every form in which you are contacting us, will only succeed if there is trust. Feeling, trusting, not thinking too much; everyone is able to learn it. Many people forget that the connection to us is the power of love. Read: Spiritual guide

• Soul

Light realm: You, as a human being are only the cover of your soul. The energy of the Cosmos comes through the soul. When you are incarnated, a little piece remains behind and a little piece goes along. The high energy is remained behind and the earthly energy is touchable. Read: Free your soul

• Soul grid, network

Light realm: The souls in the fifth dimension are joined together by a (non-visible) grid and those of the seventh by another, also non visible, grid. The soul network of a certain dimension always sticks out above the lower energies. The network is in fact a magnetic net which pulls up the lower energies. Read: Shining your soul
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