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The art to stay in touch with us, is to be in communion with your feeling and deep serenity where there are no more thoughts. (Light realm)

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(Channeling light realm during workshop)

Topics: Channeling, contact your guide, clearing up, reflection

Well dear people, I wish you a warm welcome. What an organization to get this done. We have a reason for doing certain actions, making it for you guys would run as it should go. We want to tell you so much tonight but let us begin with a short moment to get started to reflect on the love in our hearts.

Contact your guide

We did touch you in your heart this week, we and all the angels and all the guides around you. That was fine to do because you are so open. The connection with our energy has been laid making it much easier for us to guide you in what is good for you. Knowing is gone, there is only feeling. Be still for a moment and be grateful that we may go through this together. It's for a reason that we are with you tonight. The space that you have in your heart for further developing your skills is big making you shall going to mean a lot for us. The processes and changes in your behaviors are needed to free up your path for us. So you are able to completely surrender in love to the light.

We need the light to give you more love. Only when the energy to your heart is open, we can go further. Thus this means being free from prejudice, free from fear, free from control and materialism. Then if nothing left, the great may be present and that means we all come together. We would like to read a poem for you.

The light we give is a stream of water
of which you don't know the way.
You may sail on the waves and rest on the riverbed
and rely on the course you're going.
We will carry you just like the water
and send you to your destination.
But to do so, we need you,
just as you rely on a boat on floating water.
So try to feel us and let us in,
then we can help by guiding you
and send you to the direction your soul will do well.
As you're used to rely on everything you have created yourself,
you can also rely on something that's not in your hands.
Something much stronger, much greater but not breakable.
Be grateful and sail with us.
If you trust us, we can guide you the way.
Then bad things happen no longer,
but it's a different energy that will accompany you.
Dear friends, the water, the boat and trusting us,
is the only thing we ask.
And to share the light you can feel now.


We would like to come in contact with anyone who is with you now. Maybe there are questions to be asked. Make use of it.

Participant: I'd really like to know why it is that sometimes you feel that energy so incredibly good and that it seems so very close. But sometimes I do not feel it at all and wonder where it is. Yes, it will have to do with myself, that I am less open for it.

Yes, you say it yourself already. It is only possible for us to be with you as you allow us. We can, of course, put a certain feeling in you, but often it will not be recognized. The art to be and to stay in touch with us is to be in communion with your own feeling and your deep serenity where there are no more thoughts. Thoughts are making you start doubting. You feel something and are thinking about it and then act upon it or even more thinking about it. But then you are not connected to us. You cannot have us in your mind; only feel us in your heart.

It has purely to do with alignment and a blank mind. Each of you is able to reach that. Your thoughts are disastrous for us to reach you. Just try to figure out what happens if you don't feel us, are you then under pressure or being tense. You will see as your heart space gets more open that you will be much more intuitive. Simply because you feel what's right. Do I have given sufficient explanation?

Participant: I recognize what you are saying. Because sometimes I do have the feeling that I am, I think, very much open. But yes, it is still thinking and then I do not feel it. I think I understand what you're saying. Sometimes I have periods that I can meditate, but lately not at all. I feel restless I think. But if I am in peace, then I feel it better and then I feel it also flows more smoothly.

Cleaning up

Participant: I have not so much a question. Suddenly it dawns on me by that all of a sudden I got a different energy this afternoon. This afternoon I spent with declarations which have been lying for weeks. From before the holidays in May, they continue to remain, and that I have all done today.

We'll explain why. If you go to an evening like this, it is also intended that you are as free as possible. If people are concerned or worried, it is difficult for us to connect to you and for you it can be awkward to feel us connecting you. The more the main issues are solved the easier it is for us to be with you. Sometimes we give just an extra push. And it's quite handy right?

Consenting responses

You guys should make more use of it because the energy we give you is still just so minimal. What you guys think is very much; it is still nothing for us. So make more use of because we have still so much energy. Do try to use that, because we will make you feel it.

Participant: well that we all going to do. We are going to write down all the tough jobs.

Question: Is too eager want something also a blockade? Like too eager making contact. You can then block?

Possible but not necessary. Has all to do with how you make contact. Is it from the heart or from your mind. With your mind we can nothing at all. We can only feel heart energy and do make you feel that. So anyone can do it but you have to find the right button. Do you understand?

Participant: I have a weird question perhaps. I am sometimes in the mood of cleaning up. All the junk and all the rubbish, so everything has to go. Has that also to do with the healings, more openness?

How nice that you asked this question because there are more people in this room that go through this, but did not make the link to the healings. Of course, you clean up emotionally, but to clear your emotions there should be actual order. So the purity we want to achieve with you, we want to achieve with the matter that is around you. And then you go clean up, right?


Participant: At the beginning you talk about that we should try more to rely on our guidance. But of course we have got our own will and for very long I have thought that you have to decide for yourself what is good or not good. But how do you know that in which you are guided the good is. I do not know whether there are spirits that can affect you when in fact it is not the right path. Can I be sure that I listen to the good.

It is true that there are many stories buzzing around you and I will try to explain. It is true that energies cannot come among you just like that. Especially not by you, as you have very strong energy links. Each of you as you sits here. The art is to live from an open and free heart allowing us putting the good feeling into you. You might call it intuition (See: Intuition). You should have to take more time for reflection, so that you can feel and reflect on the things that happen with you. In that case you take out the rustling. At some point you know what is yours and what is not yours.

The art is to live from your heart by which we can come to you well. And it's really not all that difficult. Less thinking, more reflection and reflect more on what happens to you on a day. You guys are odd beings. You let everything happen and are learning so little of it. Only when it's going to hurt, you are waking up. And that's really not necessary because also of the beautiful experiences, you can learn. Go and try it. Therewith you keep the bad energies out and hold on the good energies. Do I have given some clarity?

So do not be engaged with what is to come because you don't have that control. That is the biggest mistake you make. The only control is allowing the control which let you know that you have no control.

Thus we finish this channeling to start with a nice healing (See: Self-healing). We also want your guides and energies to get to work to get the most out of this evening. And we are always there; I, as well as many others.

Lovely people be blessed and thank you for your loving attention and love all that is. Hercules.


What is very dear to me is the channeling that I received from mother Mary. I hope I may experience this more often. (Participant) Read: Mother Mary

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