Self-healing primarily is about love for yourself. It is a gift to your Self.

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Self-healing - Message Inge

Self-healing primarily is about love for yourself. The intention is to give yourself enough time and space and to award yourself with the best there is for you at that moment. Self-healing is a gift to yourself that can go very deeply. There are several ways for self-healing. One of them is giving yourself a healing with Oneness energy, as described below. The giving of self healing is much like as the giving of healing to another.

Starting healing

• Decide how long the healing will take (about 15/20 minutes).
• Sit comfortably or lie down.
• Imagine that a
sphere of white light goes over you.
• Ask the light realm for a healing with Oneness energy.
• Then move your attention to your breathing.
• Breathe in and out the white light.
• Notice what you feel and what comes into your mind.
• Go with the flow of the energy and open up yourself for this healing.

End healing

Often you notice a difference in energy after the arranged time.
• When you like to end the healing, you say thanks to the light realm for the healing.
• Go with your attention to your body and feel how it touches the bed or chair
• Stretch out and come back slowly while moving your attention into the room, in the here and now.

Asking questions

If you have any questions, you can ask them to your guide or your spiritual guidance short after the healing. You're still in a higher energy and sensitive for inspiration or hunches. Write as much as possible of what you have experienced and of the insights you have received. This will ground the cosmic energy.


People with high energy have the same effect on their environment as an Oneness healing: everything which is not real, will be released. (Uriel) Read: World transformation

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