As you give love to yourself, you give it also to the people around you. (Light realm)

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Living from your heart - (Channeling Lichtwereld)

Inge: Can you say something about living from the love in your heart?

Light realm: Yes dear Inge, that’s a nice question, I'll explain it to you.
'Love in your heart' means complete acceptance of the here and now and the place you are within. So it means that you accept yourself as a human being, in every sense. So you do not condemn others or even yourself. You do not criticize yourself, at most you examine why it is as it is. You do not live in the past and you do not live in the future. You only live in this moment and you surrender yourself to the here and now. If you can do that, if you can look in love to everything with that conviction, then you live from the love in your heart.

When you can live in that way, then you accept everything that is from love. Love is the highest force there is. When someone is being humiliated, tortured or mistreated, this space of love is easier to access. Whatever happens to that person, it will not touch the love in his heart. And what goes so much deeper is, forgiving and accepting the impossibilities of the other, as both virtues also belong to love. Hate and resentment will block that love. But whatever is going on that space of love remains untouched. Therefore, perceive everything from a loving angle and know that is the only source to live from.

What do you mean by the last sentence?

I mean that only you can give this to yourself. Nobody who can teach you this. You can give this to yourself and by doing so; you give it to the people around you. It is not an aim to do; it is a form of Being.

Love is the greatest power there is
and it is out of love, that your heart beats.
With this meditation,
you feel that your heart is connected to us.
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