Chopin Op. 32:1

If someone feels something intuitively,
it means that at that time someone is connected to our world.
(Light realm)

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Intuition, contact your guide or Higher Self (Channeling Light realm)


In your world is intuition a reasonably accepted word while that does not apply to 'contact with your guide'. That's because intuition is taken from something earthly. But essentially it's one and the same. For intuition we are. If someone feels something intuitively, it means that someone at that time is connected to our world so that we can put the feeling in him. There are many people who have a strong intuition and who are already connected to their guide or higher self.

Contact your guide

Inge: So if you in, everyday life, are in touch with your feelings, then you stand also in connection with your guide. Because there is not my feeling or their feelings, for that is one.

Yes, exactly right. Because if you are connected to your feeling then you are in communication with us, you just are using your own words. There is no separation at all. Many people tend to seek; when it is my guide and when it’s me. But the more you are connected, the stronger you are and the more that come to decline.

A characteristic of people who already live in the higher dimensions, and are in contact with their guide, is that they are very authentic and spiritual. Even people who never channel are in communication with their guide. Their guide is totally in their genes. It has to do with your intuition, your authenticity and the choices you make. These spiritual people will never condemned our light realm and channeling because they are on a high energy level, so they are not familiar with judging.

Actually, what I'm doing now is an intermediate version. You are asking a question and I do formulate the answers in the mind of this sweet lady.

I do believe it is in this way, that she does lot of talking with you in her mind and if you give her answers and a good feeling, she takes up the thread again in her life and she continues. But it remains more in her subconscious. While as we talk now to each other, means for her that she must expresses the answers to me bringing it up more to her consciousness. The answer leaves than a better lasting impression to her.

You do have a point. Of course we talk a lot with each other, but it does quickly vanish. Moreover, if the questions are going about her, the more difficult it is for her to channel.

You have said that you are connected with both of us because we are souls of the same soul family. But then you are rather busy, because such a soul family is very big?

(Laughing) That's right but that is really not to grasp for your earthly systems. It is not so bad with the bustle and fustle because it is crowded here by guides and angels, which is no problem at all. And what is more, we do everything on feelings. Just imagine how much time you spend on words. But we know it all. We have nothing to say. We look at someone and we know. So we have nothing to ask.

In our 'state of being' there is no me or the other. There is also no prejudice. All there is, is there. Time doesn’t exist. Because everything is. You have created time to do certain things during that time such as sleeping, talking to your friends. Because this way of communicating and do certain things is the only way to have a social life. If you don't talk, you become lonely and isolated. So you need to talk, you should make contact with others and that is the way for you, human beings.

But we do not have that because we do not have your 'state of being'. We are not physical and are completely transparent. I will give an example. Just remember that you are totally transparent and translucent. For example, by seeing colors you can see if someone is happy or sad. Actually you have nothing to hide anymore. Someone sees you and will also sees your thoughts. He sees everything. Then you do not judge anymore because you have got nothing to lose. And that goes for everyone else. There is no profit to be gained.

Imagine that you're walking in a museum and you have to look at the signs to find out where the toilets are. Then you have to search for signs, passing the door, through the hallway and eventually you get there. It may also be that you are standing on one side of the museum and just see where the toilets are because there is no materiality. You can just go straight to the toilet. That's our time gain. It is really easy though.

So you can get in touch to your Higher Self or search contact with your guide. And those are two different things.

Yes, that's right. What has been suggested is, is that you yourself are your Higher Self and thereby our influence has been completely swept aside by the earthly people. For it is you yourself, only you get inspired from another energy level. And we as guides can help and protect you to get to the energy level of your Higher Self. Your earthly materiality and limited mind is only a very small piece of experiencing feelings and thoughts. We are also on the energy level of the Higher Self. The presence of helpers and birth guides is been included in your incarnation plan. So when you incarnate, your birth guide will accompany you. Who also has angels. So we are here with a lot of helpers, guides and angels who assist you while you are taking steps.

Higher Self

I have one more question. When I was channeling once my Higher Self and I had contact, I asked the name. And then my hand wrote very slowly the name Jesus. From fright I dropped my pen and I quit channeling.

It's kind of funny that you bring this up. The people on earth who believe in God and in Jesus Christ the son of God and who also say we have contact with him, we can feel him, we talk to him; they have contact with their divine part, their Higher Self. Because that part is divine, divinity is in every human being. That is also what religious people in the Church system feel when they feel God. It is also often referred to as ' the God within you’.

But why he mentions the name of Jesus, because that is surely confusing?

Because he also simply is. Whether you call it
Jesus or God or Buddha. And he called himself Jesus because he wished to show the divinity in that way. It is also the God within us, within you.

So it's basically to show 'Bingo you've got it. Now go on writing.' And I stop directly from fright.

Yes, he wished you to show that you got the divine. That’s all.


Words flowing out of my hands, words of joy and light, recognizing what first was vague and unknown and above all the touch of love. (Participant workshop) See: Intention site

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