Chopin Op. 9:1

You cannot have us in your mind; only feel us in your heart. (Light realm)

channeling, awareness,
Channeling or oneness healing (Channeling Uriel)

Inge: When putting together a one-day course channeling and a series of 10 evenings including oneness healing, it became clear that the light realm prefers the series of 10 oneness healings.

Uriël: For many people oneness healing is still not understandable. They tend to follow (one-day) workshops because they want to achieve certain results directly. People are still aligned to cause and effect and that is why they prefer a one-day course pendulum dowsing or channeling. But oneness healing is a form that we prefer, because oneness healing makes people actually undergo processes that they are not so easily going through when channeling or pendulum dowsing.

Oneness healing

At oneness healing you are going through a process during a period of 10 sessions. In general people are not willing to follow processes because through processes people has to endure things as grief and they have to let it go. While by answers and results - for example by pendulum dowsing or channeling – people think they are going to a process. But those processes are not processes. Those processes only occur in the mind. Certain parts are not integrated.

The same goes for this society. This society is based on people who thrive for fast results, want to satisfy their need to from there feeling satisfaction and harmony. But real harmony can be found within you. And by coming to yourself, processes have to be endured, to be lived through and go through.

And at the
oneness healing people sense the unity and the power. There is something touched, but more than that. Not only on a personal level but also close to that person things are put in motion. These are processes whereby there are really things changed and people actually grow to another level.

In addition to face unprocessed stuff, your confidence builds up. And just by living it through, it becomes whole in you, which makes it a lasting impression and then the process is complete.


Channeling is a short-lived something of what already is. People become aware of themselves. But it is still not a process. Consciousness has been touched on then people let it go again. But because that which has been told and touched, is placed outside the man again, people do not endure the process. Because the process means also feeling, not just knowing and knowledge.

Growing process

Channeling is a way to come in connection with us, but we cannot lead the life of someone. People need to experience it on their own, feel it, and endure it. We are only the one that can give people strength to endure the things for which they themselves have made the choice. People have to feel that they have to go through
processes and that is why we are here.

A process also has to do with time, with time duration. Those are your earthly laws. You are bound to it and that is also the choice you have made. Because otherwise you would not be here on Earth.

And these processes cannot be taken lightly. These processes should be followed in order to grow. And channeling is a beautiful way to allow us to communicate with you in order to assist you. Only, do not forget to go through the processes and to apply what you hear or feel at that time also. Otherwise channeling will be like book-reading; you read it, put it on the bookshelf but forget what this was all about. And at the end nothing of what you have read will be used.


It is so that one's own purity is his strength and is the light, which his or her surrounding may feel. (Light realm) Read: Shining your soul

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