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Every day you have to remind yourself that you have a big heart. (Essenes)

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Feeling tired, bad and lonely (Channeling Essenes)

Inge: Since the birth of her eldest child, my girlfriend suffers from tiredness, pessimism and loneliness. In a channeling of the Essenes, by Yasha Lavie, they explain the root cause of these complaints.

Essenes: We are very pleased to be able to talk with you. But before we begin, we want to say one thing. Please understand that we are spiritual. We are not human beings and when we look at you, we don't see your body but only your spirit.

When we are looking at you, we believe that you have up till now, over 30 lives. In other words, we will not call you a very young soul on the planet earth. You have been on the planet earth many times. We would not say that you are the oldest person on the planet earth because that is not what you are; you don't need to worry about it. But definitely you've been on the planet earth more than the average person. Not always you wanted to come to the planet earth. Not always you wanted to reincarnate to the planet earth. Actually we have to tell you a little secret.

When you were in spirit, a lot of times you did not want coming to the planet earth. So the planet earth is not a place of which you say: Yeh I want to come to the planet earth. Not at all. It does say something about you. Please, we are not judging you because you do not want to come to the planet earth. We don't want it too. So you don't need to worry about it.

But when we look at you, we can see very clearly that every time you came to the planet earth and we don't mean all the times but quite often, you came to the planet earth there is a kind of hesitation: "Do I really, really need to come and go through life on the planet earth?” Because as a spirit you feel so much more at home than when you are in physical reality. There is no question about it.

So we are not going to expect you to spend 5 hours a day in the fitness room pumping muscles. We are not expecting to see you there. We do not expect that you see the physical reality as the most important reality. So there is something within your spirit - and it's not only in this life it's almost all your lives up till now - there is something within you that when you come to the planet earth as a human being, you want to be in a very strong connection to spirit. Why? Because you have that feeling that that is your home and not on the planet earth.

You're not the only one on the planet earth who feels so, but we would not say that this is the majority, because it would not be true. So when you are on the planet earth, when you are sleeping and you have dreams, you travel a lot astralic. You go a lot into the spiritual world. When you look at physical reality, we believe that deep inside there is a constant idea that you have, that you want to find home and you don't find it. And we don't mean home the four walls where you sleep, but something where you feel very comfortable with yourself. There is something within you that always, always, always - sometimes little or a lot - doesn't feel comfortable.

So when we are looking at you, we see very clearly some very strong desire within you when you are on the planet earth to live in a way a spiritual life, to live life with spirit and energies and not so much life in physical reality. And it's not only this life. It's many of your lives. Because as a spirit you absolutely did not want to come to the planet earth and spend time in a physical body. That's you. We can't change it, neither you can change it.

But there is one thing you can do: you can accept it or you can resist. Sometimes when you came to life, you resisted. And of course your task is to come to the planet earth and to accept it and to live a physical life to the highest degree you can without resistances. This is very important. So your task in everyday life when you come to the planet earth - and now you're on the planet earth - is to live a physical life and not continuously wanting to be somewhere else.

We want to encourage you and tell you if you had for instance 30 lifes and each life you live 70 years, so you've been on the planet earth about 2000 years. As a spirit we can not tell you your age but it is millions of years. So when you are in spirit from the point of time, you're so much longer in spirit than on the planet earth. On the planet earth it's like such a short visit.

A lot of the times, including this life, we're seeing you are feeling very lonely. There is something very deep in you that when you come on the planet earth and it does not matter how many people are around you, there can be a thousand of people around you, there is something very deep that says: "When I come to the planet earth, it's not my home, I cannot find my home so I will feel lonely." And we want to say to you something: this is only an idea that you have and you don't have to hold on to it, but you're pretty stoic about it.

When you come to the planet earth, you insist that you are going to feel lonely. And of course when you insist, that is what you get. When you come to the planet earth, you have the idea in your mind: "I do not really want to come here. The only reason to come here, is that I can help people. But when I come here I will be lonely and when I'm lonely, I don't have a lot of energy, I don't feel that I am good enough, I don't feel that I can do things."

Now you are going to ask us "What shall I do about it? What do I do about this very deep feeling, that when I come to the planet earth, I am going to be lonely, I am not going to be supported, I will not have enough strength to do what I really want to do, I will be disappointed. What am I going to do about it?' (see:
Letting go of someone, something) And our answer is: "Go more and more to your heart and help more and more people as much as you can."

We do not believe that anything else will help. You can do all kind of exercises, you can study a lot, you can do anything you want, but it's not going to work. The only way that we can see that will improve your life is by being more in your heart and by actually align yourself to help others. Because when you help others, you help yourself. That is the key.

Inge: To go more and more to her heart, doesn't she has to accept that she is incarnated first?

Accepting is only a part of it. Shall we describe first what the heart is? And of course with the heart we mean the heart chakra, we don't mean your physical heart. The heart is an area that when you go to it, it connects you to your soul and your soul is pure love. So when you go to your heart, you open a bridge to go into that place where you can experience love.

Now how do you go to your heart? This is perhaps the biggest question on earth. How do I get to my heart?

(Inge: For the answer to this question, see under “To pure love“).

So when you come to the planet earth, you really didn't want to come. Make the best when you come to the planet earth, because it's not that long. Please understand that. So when you come to the planet earth, be as kind as possible for yourself and do not judge yourself. Do not think you're here by yourself and you're lonely, because you don't have a choice: you have to come to the planet earth till you let go of these things. So be clever and do all these things, so you don't need to come anymore.

Feeling down

Inge: Why is it that she feels down so often?

She has done it for thousands of years. There is something within her that believes that when she comes to the planet earth, she is not going to find home, she is going to be lonely, she is not really going to be happy on the planet earth. So it's not what she does, is the reason for it. The reason for it is a very deep idea that when she comes to the planet earth, she is going to be hard on herself because she is unhappy on the planet earth. But she has to learn not to do so. So it is not because anything what happens on the planet earth, but it is because she comes with that idea.

Attracting negative people

Inge: Is that the reason why so many people around her have a negative energy?

We do not really believe that she attracts negative people; we believe that is how she sees it. In other words, we do not believe that there are negative people; we believe that that is how she sees it. And because that is how she sees it, that is how she experiences it. There is no physical reality and my reality. My reality will reflect in physical reality. So when I feel something deep inside, and I believe that's what it is, life is going to show me that thing. So if our friend believes that life is difficult and she has to judge herself, she is going to be in an environment that this people will be more or less the same.

You really don't need to consider or bother too much about the people around you. You have to work on yourself. Because when you work on yourself, it will change your environment. Most people try to change their environment in order that their life will change. And yet you have to change yourself so your environment will change.

And every day, remind yourself that you have a very, very big heart. You have to remind yourself, you have to know it. So when you know it, there will be no negative people. They not exist in that moment. Because in that moment, in that time, you're with a different energy within yourself so they're not going to be attracted to you.


Inge: She has many problems with her physical body, feeling constantly tired. Can you say something about that?

You know, it is interesting. We see, of course, no physical body, but the energy of the physical body. We do not believe - and we understand what you mean - that there is anything really wrong with the physical body. We know her symptoms, we understand that. We believe that it is all a result of thinking what she is doing when she arrived on the planet earth and that's causing her these physical issues. So we do not believe really that any kind of physical treatment can actually heal and cure her completely, because it does not come from there.

We see that her digestive system and other systems are not really working very well, but it's not that we can give her any kind of medical advice because we believe that the advice she needs to get, is what we call a mental advice and that is what we talk about now for quite a while. So if she is going to be nicer towards herself, if she is going to judge herself less, if she is not going to believe that life on planet earth is not nice and hard, that will make her physical body feels so much better.

Inge: Her tiredness started at the birth of her oldest child. Is there a connection with it?

The only connection we can see is not actually to her child. But by giving birth to her child, she in a way unconsciously went back into the birth of herself. So we don't really believe that it has to do with her child, but it has to do with her, experiencing of giving birth with the birth of herself. And that's where it started in that sense.


Inge: Is there a connection with the feeling that she wants to be dead if she feels so tired?

We do not think there is a direct connection between her tiredness and death. But we do believe that she is not tired physical but she is tired to be on the planet earth. She still has a few years to go. We apologize for the bad news.

We would like to say the last thing. Please understand that when you arrived on the planet earth you did not arrive and said: "I really want to be here." But your task is to be here! That is your task. And when you've been here, you go back to spirit and you do not need to come back. But if you're here and you resist to be here, you will have to come back.

We bless you and we wish you very, very well.
(Yasha Lavie -


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