Love is a transcending force; by experience someone in its wholeness, you will be able to step into individuation. (Light realm)

Free yourself - (Channeling Light realm)

Love is a transcending force. By experience someone in its wholeness, knowing that all is love and consists of a larger entity of various energy levels, you will be able to step into individuation. People are just a tiny fraction (Read:
your soul parts) of the entire universe, with which we cause revolution. The main task for humans is come to realize that in fact the human being is nothing more than a grain of sand, where there is no self and there is no other: all is one.

Every man has dark sides, predetermined which will move him on his path to provide insights. People will be triggered by the dark sides of the other and will criticize them, which enabling them to examine their own dark side.

Only if one ignores the dark side in the other, giving it no attention and be able to see the other from a place of transcending love, the man gets access to another energy level. Where they will experience that there is no such thing as an individual. Conflicts, is putting the focus on the dark side in the other and has the aim to free your soul.

Inge: So by making use of the dark side of the other to examine this in yourself, you can free your soul. But you can, even if you are busy with your awareness process, still have various conflicts.

A man consists of genes and a life print. The awareness processes that someone goes through are very diverse and often take place at various layers during the same life.


People are able to influence world events on earth by unified, united invocation, whereby a 'network' of light and goodwill is woven around the globe. Read: The Great Invocation

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