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Be aware of your role and strength as lightworker. Just by that insight, you will be more powerful (Light realm)

Lightworkers - (Channeling Light realm)

Inge: Lately like many others, my girlfriend and I were faced with severe emotional pieces from the past, which still need to be recognized, experienced and cleared. Their intensity surprised us but also the fact that they were from a distant past, while we expected them to be long behind us. We have asked Hercules for an explanation.

Light realm: Now dear ladies, there is a lot going on indeed. What I want to tell you first, is that of course it is a great relief to experience the love of every lightworker for the light realm. There were quite a few struggles involved to sense this love energy well and that will continue, for you are human beings. But yet there is a substantial change.

There is a transformation to a higher dimension, a dimension in which you already partly participated. As I explained once earlier (see:
Shining your soul) part of your development may be taking place in a higher dimension while other parts may still develop in a lower dimension. That makes you more ahead in certain things than in others - you will do certain things with more ease.

The complex part of such a transformation, are the counter forces. Counter forces are energies that essentially want to keep you on a low level. They don’t take part in liberation, they will keep you on a low level in a dimension that serves them. This happens more often with people who already are in a lower dimension. I am talking about the second or third level. To break free from your old patterns you need to perceive and overcome them. What the last few days were going on, is the presence of strong counter forces around you.

Inge: Is this only with us or is that across the board?

It is not only with you but with all light workers who permanently transform to the next dimension. This transformation must first take place at the light workers to increase the momentum, which I will explain later. To clear up the remainders of your old dimension, you should seek the confrontation with it intentionally or unintentionally. You're going to do that, what might give you a lot of pain; otherwise you'll get in a dreadful situation.

The intensity has to do with extremely high frequency differences to which we now have access. There is room for it. Via the earth's light rays, we can absorb our energy, more deeply than ever. It is important that the lightworkers are open to it, as the circle around the earth will be reinforced by the light bearers, and it will have an absorbing effect on the lower dimensions. This is already happening, but it will accelerate further.

I did once read that from certain high dimensions on those dense energies are no longer there, the so-called dark lords.

I know what you mean and that's right, but then we are talking about the ultimate form of human enlightenment.

Wow, that sounds like quite far.

This happens in higher dimensions. It has a reason that you were born in this time. If you would return in about 200 years from now, then the fifth dimension could be one of the lowest energies. So imagine that zeitgeist, although there is no time in a linear manner. This is purely circular and it is running essentially around each other in constant repetition, like your soul that has many lives in the same time. It is an exceptional phenomenon to understand for the mind. What's your next question, my dear?

As I understand, we are going through that intensity, so that we then cleaned up all the remnants, the debris and when the intensity comes at the largest group of people; as lightworkers are the forerunners.

That's quite like that. It is so, that these counter forces will be enormous. This will have an impact on the lower regions, as it stretches across an exchange area. There is not a tight line to be drawn between the dimensions.

And dear Inge, it is true that most people will go through a very difficult period. Actually the lightworkers have cleared the field, once more. They are still much needed - not so much to clean up but to stay in their own light. It will be urgently needed to meditate and get in touch with other lightworkers. For this purpose, many groups are brought together.

On certain dates, there is a bigger opening to the light realm, making an ideal time to meditate. It will be important for the lightworkers to maintain their high energy and not to get involved in what goes around them, so that they are the example and that others can pull up to them in the long run.

What we wish is that you as lightworkers stay close together and clearly sense when clarification or explanation is needed. Then, consciously take the time to work it out. This is essential to keep your energy high and to be able to move further. Stick together and when the light workshops are beginning, it will all be a lot easier

lWhat do you mean? Because the energy than comes together in a particular frequency.

That's right, and then we are automatically connected to each other.

Inge: Me and my friend We were talking about the intensity. Given the intensity in our own emotions, this should be quite really tough for most of the people who have never been turned inwards. Their negative emotions will be imposed on those who are standing in their power.

Well, it is, of course, the most difficult as you are in pain yourself, to feel the love. So any kind of pain will be the opposite of the love. Be aware and stay close to each other.

What do you mean, that any kind of pain will be put in opposite of the love?

If any pain or detachment is experienced - and for the most part if will go to fear, loss, or fear of losing - then it will be that if you radiate love, everything will overcome that fear. So you can actually see this as two equal poles who are trying to push each other away. It is not that it goes hand in hand, no, the power of love will have to overcome. It is standing right across each other.

(Hercules outlines two rods that repel each other and a snowplow that represents love.) Inge: So this is heavy.

Yes, it is, but be aware that it will be okay. At the moment you are aware, your love will increase.

It is not scary at all, dear Inge. It's more that light workers should be aware of the tremendous love channel they create as light carriers and not to fall into the common traps of humanity, which will be their testing.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, as it is obvious that light bearers are human too. Mistakes are allowed and are going to happen. But be aware of your role and your strength as a lightworker. Just by that insight you will be more powerful.


It will take several years of pathways and dimension transformations for you to finally transform to the fifth or seventh dimension. First you will transcend into a higher dimension in order to experience, and to get used to it. Read: Shining your soul

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