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This meditation is so you become again that beautiful flower that you essentially are. (Ashtar)

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(Meditation Ashtar)
Meditation to your belly

Breathe deeply in and out and let everything go,
which does not belong to you.
Relax and move your attention to your belly.
In this meditation I want to ask you
to sit down in your belly,
so you can catch the message with your belly.
And the message can be used as a meditation,
a story that touches yourself deeply.

This meditation is so you become again
that beautiful flower that you essentially are.
But in order to be, it is important
to come in contact with your own body,
especially with your own belly.

I would therefore like to ask you
to make lots of space in your belly.
And within your belly to let it becoming wider and wider.
So spacious that you entirely fit in.
So strong even that you as a small child
can sit in your own belly.
As so, if you once was sitting in your mother's womb.

Now I would like to ask you from this place
to find your own firmness.
To find the firmness,
there where the flower meets the stem.
Where the basis is laid for the leaves
and the center of the flower.

Therefore I would like to ask you
to involve your heart at this area.
Your heart and your grounding.
The belly area is the area that is
between your grounding and your stomach.

I would like to ask you
to getting deeper in contact with your belly area;
deeper and deeper, until you can feel the final frontier.
The actual split between the abdominal region
and the ground area,
that is where I would like to ask you to connect to.

The area from which to learn life,
the area from which you can represents yourself.
The area from which you can set your own life up.
And where you can feel what's good for you,
what is important to you.
What would you like to do,
what you need to have.

In this field lies the basis of your truly self.
This area is important to set yourself up,
to unfold yourself as human beings;
to learn to take every opportunity that you have.
Precisely this often painful and very difficult accessible field,
is the basis for learning to set yourself up.

To empower your own stuff,
to learn to love your own body.
To stand up for yourself and build your own real life
The basis for all these things is here,
deep at the bottom of your belly.
Very deep, very deep at the bottom of your belly.

I would like to ask you to polish this area
as clean and clear as possible.
In here to polish, to brush and to scrub
as much as possible.
Until there remains a very nice,
beautiful, gleaming, golden plate.
A plate, a golden plate
that represents your truth, your Self.

From which you can live
and where you can test all your standards and values
and from which you can flourish the leaves of your flower.
In this area vivacity is necessary
to give your flower space to flourish.
From here, the leaves,
the flower petals needed space
to be able to unfold and to blossom.

I would therefore like to ask you
to pay attention frequently
to this place so deep in your belly.
This profound place in your belly that you may make
bright and clean in all possible ways.
To a very nice, shiny, golden plate,
which is as pure as gold.
And where you can test all the truths.

Where you can feel if something is good for you,
Whether something is true for you
and if something is important to you.
And so you can come slowly to your own task,
you can feel what your task is.
This place is very crucial,
as here you can feel what is for you your sacred task.
Here you can really feel what your task is.

It is something that takes time to learn to feel
and I would ask you to practice this slowly.
But here lies your truth, your own truth,
where nobody can touch it.
And what gives you all the safety you need
in this so chaotic time.
In this age where the mess in everyone is cleaned up,
as well in humans as in Mother Earth.

Therefore, now I would like to ask you
to clean this plate slowly.
So you can feel at this time your own safety
And there’s no need to have to go
into the chaos too much.
But obviously you can stay
at your own truth and task.

I would like to ask you
to do this exercise highly frequently
Then I have passed my message hereby
and want to thank you
for reading or listening to my message.
And I very much hope
that you will have benefit from this.

And at any time you can ask me to help you
doing this exercise or at some other problem.

Goodbye, my name is Ashtar.

(Channeled by Coco Spijkervet, Merin Centrum)

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