Stay in gratitude and pass this love forward. We will guide you on your path. In your hearts we are always been there. (Light realm)

Purify your heart, gratitude (Channeling light realm)

Welcome, welcome all.

Actually what we want to tell you tonight, is nothing. You may feel that we are love in everything that exists; the chair you are sitting on. In everything that exists, is love. Before you can feel this love, you have to work
(See: Ashtar meditation). You all have to work to loose everything you carry with you and to clean your heart, so that you can receive the love in your heart, in your soul so that you become one with us.

Therefore, these light workshops are important to feel our energy together. It will strengthen you in the difficult moments and you will learn to feel our energy. So also learn what is good and what is not good for your soul. If you do not know who we are and that you're one of us, then it is very difficult. So be thankful that you may be with us. We are grateful that we can be with you. Beautiful souls, beautiful people, lovely people.

So be aware that everything that happens is for cleaning up yourself, for making your way free and to clarify why you are making choices to continue to work or not continue to work, to feel that you are happy or to trust that it will be alright. All of you as you are sitting here, may feel that.

And I have a party tonight because I am chosen to speak in this body with this voice on behalf of our world. Try it yourself because each of you is connected to us.


Lovely people, be thankful. Gratitude is important. If you are grateful, there is nothing you disapprove anymore. Because you will receive everything that happens. Tonight I wish to express our gratitude for all the evenings that you were here and we were allowed to come closer to you.

We are grateful for the trust you have in us. Grateful for the openness that you have to each other and the love that you radiate. Gratitude is divine. Stay grateful and pass this love forward. We will guide you on everyone's path. In your hearts, we are always there. Be blessed and grateful for everything.


It is true that one's own purity is one's power. Thát is the light your close circle might feel. (Light realm) Read: Shining your soul

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