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The key is to live from a pure, free heart, allowing us to put the good feeling into you. You might call this intuition. (Light realm)

to live from your heart,
How to identify your inner guide? (Channeling Light realm)

Attendee: what matters is that we try to rely more on the wisdom of our guide(s) or higher self. But obviously we have been giving our own free will. How can you know if the direction in which you are guided is the good one for you? To what extent can spirits affect you when you are not walking the right path? And how do I know that I am listening to a reliable source?

Light realm: Hercules: it is clear that many stories come across you and I‘ll try to explain this. It is important to live from a pure, free heart allowing us to pour the good feeling into you. You might call this intuition. You should take more time for contemplation, so that you can feel and reflect on the things that happen to you during the day. If you live that way, then you recognize the debris immediately; so you can release it out of your system. At a certain moment you know what belongs to you and what not.

The key is to come in touch with your heart in order to live from your heart. That will allow us to approach you. And it's really not that difficult at all. It requires less thinking, but more contemplation and more reflection on your whereabouts, as a daily routine. You are really strange creatures: You tend to let everything happen without educating yourself and in order to learn from it. Only when things hurt you, they tend to wake you up. And that's really a shame because even beautiful experiences can teach you. Just go and try it - live by it. Keep the bad energies out and hold on to the good energies.

Did I give you some clarity here? Then don't be concerned with what the future will bring you because you don't have control over that. That is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make. The only control you should have is knowing that you do not have any control.

Attendee: I'd really like to know why I sometimes feel the energy of my guide so incredibly well and it seems to be very close to me. But sometimes I can’t feel it at all and I think ' where the heck is it? '. It may have to do with myself; maybe I am less open at that moment.

Light realm: Indeed, as you mention yourself. It is only possible for us to approach you as you are allowing us. Obviously, we can try to feed you with a certain feeling, but often you do not notice this. To keep in touch with us, it is important to come into unity with your own sincere feeling without any thoughts. Thoughts make you doubt yourself. You feel something and you start thinking about it, to act accordingly and thinking even more about it. At that moment you are not connected to us. You cannot touch us by your mind; you can only reach us by your feeling, by your heart.

If you have highly developed this skill, you can distinguish your own words and thoughts from ours. It has to do with alignment to us and clarity of your mind. Each of you can accomplish that. Your mind is disastrous for us to come close to you.

If you have difficulty to feel us - try to figure out if you were being busy or tense at that moment. As you are living close to your heart, you will find that you will be much more intuitive. Simply because you then feel what's right.


When you are feeling anxious, you may notice that it is hard to feel the high love energy and nearly impossible to come to a higher energy level to meet your guide. Then you can give yourself a treatment by a healing with oneness energy. This allows you to come to a higher energy level because at that moment you are inviting the healing guides - who are staying on a higher energy plane than you.

The healing treatment itself won’t take long; more so often you will feel when it is finished. Contacting your guide will be easier then.
(See: Self-healing)

Another way is to come to silence and clarity in your heart. If you practice this every day for 15 minutes, it will be getting easier. (See: To pure love)

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