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Every day sit for 10-15 minutes and be very, very quite. That will take you to your heart. (Essenes)

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How do you go to your heart? - (Channeling Essenes)

Shall we describe first what the heart is? Of course with the heart we don’t mean the physical heart, but your heart chakra. The heart is an area and when you go to it, you connect with your soul and your is pure love. So when you go to your heart, you open a gate to go into that place where you can experience love.

But, how do you go to your heart? This is maybe the biggest question on earth. 'How do I go to my heart?' We will now give you an answer that is to quite a high level. Normally we said to people 'be nice, be kind and be soft' so that people understand it. But this is not really the same as going to your heart. This is what we usually sal to people, because we believe they will not understand if we go beyond that. But let us tell you what lies behind it.

To go to your heart is to be in an area with yourself. In an area where you feel that you have no desire and no needs. The moment that you want something you are not in your heart, because namely your heart doesn't want anything. People always say: “My heart is telling me….”, but we know their heart says nothing. It's their mind that telling them. “My heart is telling me that I want to find a person to love.” It's nonsense. “My heart is telling me that I need to move to another country.” That’s absolutely not true.

The heart doesn't talk. The heart only gives a connection, the bridge to experience love. Now you can go to your heart, experiencing love and in the same time you can go to your mind and think about certain things and this is the human ideal. The human ideal is to use your mind in your daily life because you have a physical body. If you don't have a physical body you don't need it. But you do have a body and because you have a body, the ideal on earth is to use your heart and your mind at te same time. The point is that the moment people use their mind, they loose energy that could take them to their soul. So the point is that when they think what they want, their mind tells them what will be good for them. But the heart doesn't have anything that we know as good or bad. The heart doesn’t have. And this is so difficult for people to understand, because when people understand this, they understand it in their mind. but we want them to understand it in their heart. But your heart doesn't understand.

Some of you are wondering if you don’t have to accept the situation first. But you don’t need to accept the situation when you go to your heart, because when you go to your heart, you accept everything. So that’s not necessary. If you need something, you're in your mind and not in your heart. You know, when you're in your heart, you don't need to love people, because you love them.

When somebody asks you: 'Can you please love me?”, what they basically say to you in our words, is: “Can you please be in your heart.” Because when you're in your heart, you love! You love the chair where you sit on, you love the people you’re talking to, you love the area where you are; you are in love!

There is a big difference between loving something or someone, because then you like something or someone. And no matter what or who you like, it's in the mind. It's what is convenient for you, what my expectations are and how they could be fulfilled.

Going to your heart

Our advice is: Sit down every day for 10 - 15 minutes and be very, very quite. That will take you to your heart. Don't do anything, don’t visualize, don’t recite mantras, try to do nothing just be very, very quite…..
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There are no rituals or standards to join us. The only thing you have to do is to connect to your own heart, be quiet with yourself and with the love. (Light realm) Read: Silence heart

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