Love and strength are one so it can flow from person to person, from soul to soul. (Uriel)

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Explanation love meditation (Channeling Light realm)

This meditation makes you feel that light and divinity is in every human being. Meditating is important to get in an other energy. As a human being you tend to swept away by different energies. By meditation, you shut yourself off so you can hold on the high energy. And therefore this meditation.

The meditation can also be put on the website so that other people can learn to feel the love energies too. But, be aware that it is the energy of love going into every heart. Sometimes this is still difficult to understand. There are people who sees our world or the divine world as something different from your world but that is not the case. You are just as divine only cover up in materiality with the ability to think and to contribute to the evolution. Meditation is just an instrument to feel the high cosmic energy. So do not be busy with the content as it comes to the feelings.

Hercules you told us that this meditation was given by a high energy that comes from a higher realm than you, is that right?

Yes that's right. We asked this energy to speak to you. The higher the energy the more the words God, Jesus and light carriers will be used. Higher spheres have less connection to the earth and also use less earthly terms.

These terms are inherent to the high energy. But does it also occur that these terms displease many people who have negative associations with them?

Yes that's right and that is a choice we make. In many groups, we use the word intuition, emotions or dimension so that the people remain open to what we convey. But when we talk about Jesus or about God, intuition and emotions, then we're all about the same
(See: Intuition). Humanity makes the difference. And nobody will know the truth because your truth is science and our energy is not science.


(Channeling Uriël)

Dear people,
This meditation make you experience how it feels to be in unity with all that is. It is eternal. You are the center of the universe and the universe is in each of you. Feel out love for every man that lives. Feel the energy of the cosmic oneness in your heart and let the love flow where it is meant for. Love and strength are one so it can flow from person to person, from soul to soul.

Rejoice and hear us. The time has come that love should manifest itself in every human being on earth. Feel the power, the love that you are and give hearing, because love that's what we are and together we are one. Love and feeling are one. They flow through your body and are released. The return of Christ has come in every soul who wishes to experience. Go and spread the love, so many people will be glad.

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