Love allows you to heal yourself and love allows you to heal relationships and circumstances. (Healing guides)

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Healing process (Channeling healing guides)

Beloved Ones,
Because every human being has a lot to release, from its present life as well as from previous lives, the Oneness healing process requires quite some time. Releasing of too much at once makes it difficult for the human body and mind to process. Therefore we recommend the Oneness healing process taking place during a period of ten weeks, one session a week, after which a pause is required of at least one month. Then a next session of 10 weeks is recommended, depending on the desire for further development of the person who is involved. The Oneness healing process may continue in this schedule as long as the recipient wishes for. There is no need for the recipient to be concerned of getting dependent on the healer.

By passing on the knowledge and experience, a new healer is being born at each moment. This Oneness healing process broadens itself as new born healers and recipients are joining together on the path towards oneness.

Not only is it crucial to make time for the process, but even more to allow the process to interact throughout the entire being of the recipient. That means that information merges through all levels, so that debris at all levels may be released and a connection can be created embracing true love and unity. We have projected ten sessions for this Oneness healing process to complete, based on what someone can adopt physically and spiritually.

Love allows you to heal yourself and love allows you to heal relationships and circumstances.

Difference between giving and receiving a healing

During an Oneness healing session, whilst being the healer, you get healed on a certain level to provide a space wherein it is possible to convey that particular energy that is required for the healing of the other. In this way it is for you within reach to feel what is being healed in the other.

What is being healed in you depends on the healing process of the other. So for your own healing process it is necessary to be on the giving and receiving part, in conjunction. (


In general people are not willing to follow processes because through processes people has to endure things as grief and they have to let it go. See: Channeling or Healing

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