Chopin op. 15:2 N5

We bring you insights, hunches, memories or sometimes a very strong need for someone. (Light realm)

inner, spiritual, guide,
Coincidence does not exist (Channeling Light realm)

Inge: We all know it: You are walking in a city of more than half a million citizens and dozens of department stores, consisting of 4 or 5 floors and many sections. Yet you meet each other 'by chance' on the same floor, at the same department in that single store. We asked the light realm how it works energetically with such a 'casual' encounter.

Hercules: It was quite a thing. More complex than a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle...

(Inge: We are still completely perplexed by our casual encounter.)

Hercules: Welcome dear ladies, welcome to the realm of enlightened beings.

Inge: From the warehouse to the realm of the enlightened ones. You might start question yourself.

Hercules: Yes ladies, you surely can. But rest assured, the reality is obviously different. We have accomplished quite something today and it's good that our intuitive fibers have been so well connected to you.

I mean that we are so interwoven into your Being, that we may influence your thoughts, mood and needs. And so therefore we can make you change your orientation.

Inge: (Laughing) OK, but what is the name of that store again? I have never been there before. I understand that you are connected to us and that you intuitively guide us. But what I don’t get is why you send us to that particular store? Why didn’t you send us to a cozy lunchroom?

That was not our choice - it was yours. Let me explain. There are times that you choose. For example, your girlfriend chooses not to go straight homewards. At the same time you decide to go window-shopping with some tip-up seats in your mind. That instance we can bring your energy fields together. So it's not even so much that we let you change your mind, but it's more that we bring both your energy fields in line. You were drawn towards one another whilst making your own choices. What we do is guide those choices so both energy fields get in line. That's a wonderful process and that's what we are working on the whole day.

Inge: But give me an example of choice or influence.

That's a good question. The example of your girlfriend who decides not to go home; at the moment she arrives at school she changes plan. She gets, as you call it, a hunch. The hunch is that she might intends to buy some stuff for the kids rooms in town. At that time she was in tune with us. She decides not to go home, allowing us to convey some thoughts. This requires some alignment and that is our chance to influence choices. We whisper you some ideas, hints or memories or sometimes a very strong need for someone.

In the mean time we also activate the magnetic field between both of you. As you call it yourself: you will get drawn to something. You get a strong feeling to go somewhere or you get attracted to something, but you can't explain why. This is a process where energies align, so to speak. This influence plays through inspirations, thoughts, desires and wishes at that moment in time. 

An other thing is that we create an active magnetic resonance field whereby you intuitively are drawn towards each other. While Inge was waiting at the cash register your girlfriend came just walking down the stairs, instead of remaining upstairs. Here is a magnetic field resonating in the background on an unconsciousness level. Energy-wise, there are more elements involved in this process, but I will discuss those another time.

But as the magnetic field was activated, could it again be de-activated when desired? Can you leave each other alone because something else came to the forefront or because you need to do something else?

And so it is. There is a magnetic field that can be activated and deactivated. There is the influence from the magnetic field - but also from the polar. To speak in your language: the choice for the plus or the minus is decisive.

So to say: to become receptive for it, you have to be calm, have no worries and be emotional in balance.

That's right, but you also need a flexible mind. A mind that is willing to go along on the flow of the day. A rigid mind has become fixed and although we can put thoughts in it, if someone always sticks to his own pattern and his own convictions of what he thinks he needs to do, meaning our influence will be minimal. These people are hard to reach for us and barely inaccessible but we keep having your dreams.

There must be a very good reason, to have been doing so much work to bring us together.

You can certainly say so!!!

(The reason is to talk with us about the soul grid and how every soul can influence the world, see 'Shining your soul')
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