When you embody some matters, living through and subsequently release them, you will move forward on your path. (Light realm)

authentic, draw limits,
Being authentic / drawing limits - (Channeling Lichtwereld)

Inge: Can you say more about being genuine, being authentic?

Hercules: When you embody some matters, living through, and subsequently release them, you move forward on your path. You then have been enduring the test and you will know what to do (see: Free yourself). This has not always been an easy road to follow. This has been caused by earthly influences. It could also been caused by that specific deep love in which someone draw himself to a continuous humble attitude. For if you will continue giving everything away out of love, you will never have to go to yourself. You stay where you are because you're not going to your essence. Because you do not accept the fact that perhaps someone else will show you things which you disagree.

Actually you do not dare to come up for yourself. You cover this up with love. In this system someone can stay for years or even a whole life. And it seems very nice, but man fails to acknowledge himself because he draws no limits.

Authenticity also includes making choices. Choices of what you do like and do not like. Of whom you may like or may not like to be with. Of what you wear or what you just do not wear. Of what your comment is or you do not comment at all. And how honest you are when making these choices, especially to yourself. All this and of course much more, defines you being authentic.

If you don't want to see or accept that these particular characteristics belong to you, then you do not accept yourself. And that is a painful process someone can be very good stay in and for a long time get along with. Because your heart is a heart of love. And you can always go further if you are acting out of love. But then as a human you will get mirrored a lot. It then becomes a kind of battle of the strongest, because every time something has to happen more and more painful to you to come to understanding. And if the power of the person is great, this may take a very long time.

While if you are just who you are, then you do not longer need all those shifts and twists anymore. Then, of course, there will be people who do not like you or who will not understand you. But that should never be more important than belies one’s nature. And that's the growth that you are going through when you break this system in yourself. Then the love to yourself shall come first, followed by the rest.


Your soul can by self-development, awareness and purification, transforming to an increasingly higher level of energy. The connection to your Higher Self and higher energies will be getting stronger. See: Shining your soul

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