What we do with a sphere of white light is to make our world smaller, so that we can shine our light in you. (Light realm)

bol wit licht, visualiseren, liefdesenergie,afschermen,
Sphere of white light (Channeling Light realm)

Inge: On one of the course evenings we have visualized a sphere of white light over the circle and at that time there were many messages received from your spiritual world. One course member was going to write and others received messages in a different way. In any case, your presence was felt clearly. On another evening we did not visualized a sphere of white light and then it was harder to feel your presence. Is that correct?

Hercules: What we do with a sphere of white light is to make our world smaller, so that we can shine the light in you. You should see it as a lamp that burns, that is radiating too. If you put something around the lamp, the radiation stays in that area. That happens also with our energy. We screens you off and go in the dome so that we can feel the process with each other. If we should not do it this way, the energy could be blown away.

That doesn't matter because this happens every day. Only people who can feel our energy well, will keep it to themselves. People who are less able to feel our energy, will not feel it. Therefore on evenings like this, we put a dome over the circle so everyone will feel our energy. It is safe because energies which are less positive will stay outside. It's just a way to let you feel our energy stronger.

Incense, candles, there are many ways to create energy in the room in which we are felt well and to clean the room energetically like you always used to do. Know that we have angels who work with you. I am not alone. Ismael, all guides and all the angels that are important for the process of that person at that time are present. That's really, really very much. Lots of light beings are present on those evenings. Each light being will rely on what he has to do. We make a plan for everyone who comes. You may let it go and also omit the electronic devices.

Inge: But is it true that the energy is at such a high level, that it upsets the equipment?

Yes and no. We enter the room with a lot of energy. That's right. But we do not choose the recording to fail. You should know that your equipment can not handle our energy. We will therefore help you to have the right equipment in the workshops. With your permission.


Hereunder Hercules explains why you have to start the Oneness Healing by visualizing a sphere of white light:

When you are healing with the Oneness Healing you get use of the power of 2 persons: the person who gives the healing and the person who undergoes it. This happens in the visual dome. This is also the magnetic sense some people describe as if you are lifted up.

See it as if you start intensively with each other in a very small space in the dome. The energy outside the dome is much lower.

Sometimes we choose to have the healing energy in the room beforehand so that you are already opened, making the effect of the healing and the healing power come faster. In other healing methods it is already done, for example transmission and floating healing.

Inge: What has already been done?

Using the energy which is already in the room.


The energy you feel around you, are the higher light beings who help you to align to your Higher Self. (Ismael) Read: Higher Self

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