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With your other soul parts you form one soul, because you are one soul. (Light realm)

Your soul parts and Higher Self - (Channeling light realm)

Light realm: Every soul divides itself into 12 parts and 11 of them incarnate in different timelines. The 12th part, the Higher Self or the Higher Soul, stays behind. Think of it as the front line of a battle in the field. Then there remains also one behind and some go into it and when they come back they all together make up the balance of the profit and the loss. That Higher Soul is not above those 11 incarnated parts but is equivalent to them. Each incarnated part gets a soul; you call that 'conscience' to guard the path. This is a lower part which is in human. So all of you are connected to 10 other incarnated souls who live in other timelines where you form one collective soul with. The 11 incarnated parts have all the same birth and death moment otherwise you may never be one soul.

Inge: So we die all at the same time and each of us is connected to 10 others who live in another dimension.

Both of you now (read: friend channeling Hercules and Inge channeling her guide Ismael) have to deal with the time dimension of that one part of soul of you what you are on this earth at this present moment. So to each of you are 10 incarnated souls connected, living in other dimensions. And in this dimension on Earth both of you are soul family of each other.

But in the other 10 dimensions are those other parts of both of us not related to each other?

No, it can be, but it is not necessarily. This is a very difficult matter to explain. It has to do with your reincarnation plan. Before a soul incarnates you are with its elves together and then you make a plan. It may well be that a part of the plan is that you want to see another soul part in your life from another dimension. That may be part of the plan. But in the subtle form the 11 souls are being one. It forms one soul and this is divided into 11 dimensions. At the incarnation you say each other for a lifelong goodbye. And with that, you forget the unity. Because every part of the incarnated soul has its own purpose. Actually, at the incarnation plan, what your Higher Soul has created and which consists of 11 existing parts, each of you has chosen his own purpose. So, in fact, you are only one very small part of everything. You are just one fragment of a film, like there are 10 other incarnated fragments. Together you create the movie. However, the film does not exist without the power of the end or the middle piece. If you have only one fragment, you have no movie.

Each of the 11 parts of the incarnated soul has its own life map, his incarnation plan, consisting of purposes of his life. It is true that you, as soul share the same characteristics. Because you form one soul. You are one but not connected and you live in the same vibrational frequency. You all have one learning theme in life what goes on in a different time dimension. Actually, you should see it so that the soul, by incarnating into 11 parts, shall be wise in a super tempo because he experiences 11 different processes at the same time.

Inge: So one is for example dealing with the problem 'power', the other with the theme 'setting boundaries' or 'trust'.

Therefore, the transformation to the divine can only take place when all those processes are lived through the soul. It is impossible that a soul incarnates in one single lifetime because then you will never be able to go through all those processes. Therefore the soul divides itself into parts which are all bring about the transformation to the higher ethereal.

So every life has a different theme?

Yes, that's exactly right. You can divide it into themes. There are many books written about it. So at the incarnation plan of the Higher Soul there are 11 themes.

Is it true you have a Higher Soul incarnation plan and also a sub soul incarnation plan?

It is all true. You have a higher plan and a plan that goes on a lower level. It is no different than the fifth or the seventh dimension in which also different things are taking place. Imagine such a Higher Soul wants nothing but to come at the highest subtlety, to get there he will have to go through all the facets and therein he chooses his plan for those 11 lives. And then you can of course think 'Well if it is so easy than you plan 11 lives in, which all run perfectly, so you made it fast'. Now we come to the point which makes it all so complicated, because every human has the right to self-determination.

So each plan that is made before your incarnation, can be changed. That's why we have desperately needed that network above you to make connection (Read: Shining your soul). We cannot let you incarnate and then let you go. Because it is useless what happens then. So we have to influence on the one hand but on the other hand, every human has the right to self-determination. So when you guys come back we evaluate the reincarnation plans, you make up the status of achieved goals. All that is achieved shall be brushed aside. All that is not achieved will be crystallized again up to 11 new themes. What is done is done; you do not continue. So your energy is getting higher. One time the balance is much less fruitful than other times.

Now you have 11 concepts. If there is a soul who tends to deviate now and is going to do something completely different, how can the other 10 soul parts whistle him back?

That is not possible. There is no direct influence to the other dimensions. It can only through the Higher Self, the 12th soul. That is the only way. But even then the person, who has chosen in that life, has his path. If they go back reasoning and they reevaluate the original plan when they are back at the Higher Soul, then it is true that someone who really is diverges, has a major impact on the next Higher Soul Plan. Because there can be less ticking off. There should be more often incarnated to go through it. It is moreover not judged. There is no judgment. We only made a balance.

Which obviously is a huge problem is, that if you are incarnated, you then have forgotten what the bigger plan is. Because if you know what the bigger plan is, your life will look different. But you guys forget it. It is a film in which you sit until the movie is over and you go through the tunnel back to your 12th soul and you come together and all at once you think: 'Oh yes, that's what we had agreed.'

What about children who die when they are say 5 years? Does it mean that the other 10 soul parts also become only 5 years?

No, because they are living in a whole different dimension of time.

But they die all at the same time anyway?

But time is an illusion. All 11 souls live in different dimensions of time. And the earthly time is an illusion; it is created to interpret space. This is a very complicated piece. Your 24 hours is not 24 hours. It's just something you have created to make structure. That means that those other 10 souls exist in a faster or slower dimension of time. One becomes 4 years, one 80, one 60. They do not live in a similar timeline.

They all live on Earth?

No, not at all. They live in different time dimensions. It is true that some incarnate in another time on Earth, but there are also incarnations that take place on other planets. There are many earths. Much more than you can perceive. You can not perceive what we see here.

What do you mean with more earths?

Just earths which exist on your planet with human life but which are no longer visible to you at the moment because they have already been gone, because it was a different timeline. However they were there.

We can perceive things on Earth, but with a very limited view. But is it so that as you can see everything, you have no overview anymore.

(Smiling) It seems that way, but it is super highly organized with us.

What happens if a soul, for example, by murder or suicide, previously get off the plan and dies much sooner than was initially agreed.

That's quite an interesting question: what happens to a soul when he's getting off the plan? There are a number of scenarios that can take place then. One possibility is that a soul remains low and does not take away from his physical body. It may also be that a soul only temporarily incarnates to an emergency plan and only reconnect with its old soul as the other soul parts are deceased.

What is an emergency plan?

They are actually soul parts who at some point have no place to go. They do not incarnate but remain temporarily together. Actually, see it as staying. So part of a soul is just temporarily somewhere else.


If your soul does not want to be destroyed because it still has so much to learn, she asks for help. The power of questioning is in the intention of your soul. (Participant) Read: Free your soul

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