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Feel the energy of the cosmic oneness in your heart and let the love flow where it is meant for. (Light realm)

inner strength,
(Channeling Light realm)

Poem light realm

The light we give, is a stream of water
of which you don't know the way.
You may sail on the waves and rest on the riverbed
and rely on the course you're going.
We will carry you just like the water
and send you to your destination.

But to do so, we need you,
just as you rely on a boat on floating water.
So try to feel us and let us in,
then we can help by guiding you
and send you to the direction your soul will do well.

As you're used to rely on everything you have created yourself,
you can also rely on something that's not in your hands.
Something much stronger, much more greater but not breakable.

Be grateful and sail with us.
If you trust us, we can guide you the way.
Then bad things happen no longer,
but it's a different energy that will accompany you.

Dear friends,
The water, the boat and trusting us, is the only thing we ask.
And to share the light you can feel now.


The Great Invocation is a world prayer that does not exclude any religion or group. It is an instrument of inner strength to help realize the plan of God on earth. Read: The Great Invocation
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