What we do is connecting the person with the universe and our energy, the divine energy and cosmic energy as well. (Light realm)

child, cherish,
(Channeling Light realm)

Free your soul: If you feel nothing during the Oneness Healing

Inge: During the healings it occurs that the person who receives the healing feels little to nothing, while in the days after it becomes clear that processes have been touched. Why is that so?

Light realm: Why? Sometimes, it is not necessary to feel anything. What we are doing goes so much further and so much deeper than what someone can feel. What we do is connecting the person with the universe and with our energy, the divine energy and cosmic energy as well. You, as a human being are only the cover of your soul and the soul chooses to receive in peace. For in order to receive the soul needs to be open and that the soul finds a little bit scary. As a human being you can choose to receive the healing but then the soul says “I‘ll do it, but I think it looks scary. So I do not open all the doors”. That is why this person senses less than others. But there happens just as much and this person is just as spiritual as any other soul. Do you get this?

Inge: Yes I get it, though it is a pity that they feel nothing and that their soul does not dare to open.

Oh, no. Be gentle to your soul. Cherish her and allow her to blossom. Do it together and do it with us. That's not too bad, right?

Inge: And how do you teach that to your soul?

Before we tell you how you can feel and what you can and can't do to love your self and your soul, we would like to explain something first. The energy of the Cosmos comes through the soul. When you are incarnated, a little piece remains behind and a little piece goes along. Actually you're not here and you're not there. This is inconvenient for a soul. For this reason, many souls do not like to incarnate. They wish to be able, but they do not dare. That is like walking in a city where you do not know the way. But if the soul is incarnated, then that is his way and that is his path and he will have to transform in the light and in the dark. The high energy is remained behind and the earthly energy is touchable. And now I come to your question.

If your soul finds it so hard to go open, then this soul descends into the flesh but forgets the existence of our energy. Actually, the connection with the remaining cosmic soul is a bit broken (Read: Soul parts) .There's nothing wrong with that because a lot of people on earth have no connection with their cosmic soul anymore. But it could also be that you have the connection with your cosmic soul and that your soul do wish to, but it does not dare and with good reason. Meditating a lot, channeling much, stay by your Self and feel what is real and what is not. Then your soul will gain confidence and your soul can get access to the higher energy.

Is that the same as do not dare to allow the love?

Yes, because cosmic energy is love. So be kind to your soul. Cherish her, protect her as your own child or like something you might lose. Then she will be happy and will go even more open.

That, you have nicely put in words Hercules.

Believe me. If you as a human being merge with your soul, then the oneness healing becomes real. Because then all the energy comes together and you as a human being should feel it and your soul may feel it too. Because man and soul are one. Isn't it beautiful, right.


It is that easy, because all is there, is already on your Earth.
This just too may have been, here, now, that's all.
See: Higher Self

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