Chopin Opus 32:1

Crystals are consciousness that basically visit planet earth in order to help human being. (Essenes)

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Crystal consciousness - Channeling Essenes

Inge: I feel so strongly attracted to crystals. Can you tell more about that?

You know, crystals are consciousness. There are numbers, colors, sounds and there are crystals; they are consciousness. They are consciousness who, shall we say, occupied themselves on the planet earth for millions and billions of years. They're very old consciousness. Crystals do not live in a reality of separation like you. Crystals live in a reality of togetherness, of oneness; in a reality of God.

We are not saying that a crystal is God - because everything is a part of God - but a crystal is a kind of cultivation, a kind of accumulation of a quality of spirit that hasn't really been separated itself into an individual. And they decided to create something that you call in your language a stone or a crystal.

So you have a desire or you're looking at this field. Well we want to say to you, it's another field. It's another field to show you the interconnection between physical reality and other realities. Because the reality of crystals is not a physical reality, although sometimes you are going to feel it physically or you're going to see it or hear it physically.

But please understand, crystals are in the reality of consciousness without physical reality. Really this is where crystals are.

So no question, it's very clear why you are looking for these things. You have always been very curious about other consciousness anyhow. So it does not surprise us that you look at crystals. It is a beautiful, beautiful world.

Inge: Can you explain the last thing you said?

Crystals are consciousness that basically visit planet earth in order to help human beings for instance to be more involved in the spiritual world. Because crystals are consciousness that are living in collective reality, while you live in an individual reality. So they are coming to help you. So it is not a surprise that you want to get help by using them, by looking at them and by touching them etcetera. It's not a surprise. Definitely it will not harm you.
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Only when the energy to your heart is open, we can work together. This means being free from fear, prejudice, control and materialism. (Light realm) Read: Reflection

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