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During Oneness Healing a lot of high energies are available, as we like everybody to make use of Oneness Energy. (Light realm)

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Oneness healing - (Channeling Light realm)
Inge: the oneness healing works with healing guides who provide the actual healing. Can you say more about that Hercules?

During the oneness healing both a lot of angels, guardian angels and healing guides are present and available, a lot of high energies are there.

We like to make oneness healing available for everybody, so even for people who do not engage in spirituality. It will be much more difficult for us giving shape to oneness healing and to ensure this will have an impact on someone who stays less in contact with energies and guides, with his own Being, with awareness and with his higher self.

Though with the oneness healing we just do that, because we are allowed to make use of the very high energies that during the oneness healing come into the dome, the sphere of white light. This is what the essence of oneness healing is about. Everyone is able and allowed to work with the oneness healing energy. We also want everyone to make use of this because that is the way of how the energy can be felt. In addition, during each healing the healer will also be healed.

It happens in such a way, that the higher the healers own energy is, the bigger its effect will be and the more it helps us to make these connections to pass on the energies. Compare it to making a dressing. If you pour more vinegar in it, it will be stronger. Everything has to do with concentration. A very high concentration of a little drop can also have a major effect.

The healing is performed by healing guides. What are you guys doing as guardian angel during the healing?

Basically we are doing not so much during the oneness healing. Our main task is that we, as your guardian angel, are monitoring your incarnation plan; another task is that we are keeping other connections - needed to this incarnation plan - in flow. The main aim of this healing is to ensure that the energy flows more easily. But that requires little handling for us; we mainly remain available as guardian angel.


After one of the light events, Hercules explained that during such group sessions the healing guides already reside in the room before the actual healing take place.

Indeed, some healing guides were present before the treatment. That had to do with the light force that we wanted to transfer to you. By transferring this power of light energy into the room before the healing taking place, the healing will flow more easily. As we get to work with you where every person is supported by their guardian angel we can get access to an extra power via the healing energy already available in the room; an extra nudge in the back.

Inge: Yes, but are the healing guides always present in the room before treatment - even before we addressed them?

No, normally they really come on invocation and they work only in the dome. The healing guides come from a much higher energy level and are less able to descend and not as easy available as I am

Inge: But what is the difference with tonight?

It is necessary for you to be receptive before the healing would start, so that it would enter more easily. It is especially necessary because we like to have the great possible impact and sometimes we choose to do it in this way; also because it is concerning a large group. Consider an athlete, who can have a good run, even without a warming up. But his performance and results will be improved with that warming up.

Inge: Were they already present before we arrived or did they come in while we having small talk, before the healing started?

No, somewhat earlier. They actually came along with you into the meeting. At your arrival, we sent a request for the higher energies. Our vibrational level is a little bit higher than yours, so we can get easier access.

Inge: But if the attendees are channeling that night because the energy is much higher and then they come home, then it is gone.

Of course, there also is something like switching. As you people on earth can be pretty distracted by their daily common issues, our energy can be temporarily parked.

Inge: do you mean that people have difficulty in incorporating it in their daily activities?

Yes, a bit though. It is not easy to obtain this love energy and incorporate it in your daily life.


By allowing our love to your heart, you learn to feel our energy and what’s good and not good for your soul. If you don’t know who we are, than it will be very difficult. (Light realm) Read: Purify your heart

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