J.Gargiulo, Chopin Op. 9:2 N 20

Keep listening to your inner source. That's the only thing that is trustworthy; the only reliable source. (Uriel)

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World transformation (Channeling Uriel)
Inge: Me and my friend discuss how the light messages can be shared as purely as possible.

Uriel: Inge, the only advice I would give you is ' Be true to yourself ', stay with your authentic self. Keep listening to your inner source, stay in tune. That's the only thing that is trustworthy. That's the only reliable source. By loosing this connection, other forces could emerge. Those can become predominating whereby you lose your confidence increasingly and the space between us is getting bigger.


Where humans create power – which means dominion over the other that can take place on the spiritual plane or on the emotional plane and even on the mental plane; there are so many areas where someone puts himself above another– so where power rules, chances are big that humans are not acting with pure intentions. Without restrictions, negative forces will strengthen each other.

It is like a stairway. Humans take decisions to create power, dominion over the other. Once established, it creates hunger. Power will never be satisfied. But a connection to the source – living with pure intents – is all encompassing. Human minds will not be hungry anymore, they will be fulfilled. The only thing they want is keeping this connection alive.

More specifically, dominion creates emptiness. Such empty space will never fill up, which is why humans are increasingly greedy when it comes to power and tend to suppress other people. You can find this in various places in society, in politics as well as in business. At a young age children experience these phenomena and get accustomed to it.

Also power stems from fear. Once fear is present, humans try to suppress that fear by exercising power over another. It seems that power strengthens somebody, only this kind of power, this force is insatiable.

For in this way, people lose themselves and then the end is near. There is an interaction. Many people will be swept up by that power. It has the same effect as oneness healing.

The energy oneness healing has conveyed, has his influence not only on a personal level but on a much greater scale. The same is with power. Power does not only affect the lives of individuals but also their environment. Power can be very destructive. Because power stands on his own feet while oneness means connecting people. Where oneness prevails people join each other.

Inge: Assume that in a country one person has the power and meanwhile the public unites than this would overthrow that person?

That's not always the case. Power is so comprehensive. The one reinforces the other. It's like a weighing scale. If evil increases, the positive energy will have to increase eventually in order to restore balance. And that is what always will occur. Though sometimes it seems - that is what people want to see - to be a choice between the good and the bad. In essence both are intertwined. These are polarities which attract and reinforce each other.

Inge: But at some level all is One?

The One is all encompassing. It is good and it is evil and it is nothingness. It is a world in which everything is in harmony. It is nothing and everything at the same time at the same pace. It is One. In your world there is duality. Duality must exist so that people can experience the "I Am", they can experience the personality. Would duality not exist then you are not able to experience yourself as Inge, with all of your qualities.

World transformation

The world has entered into a process of change. At the moment processes are ongoing in which good and evil clearly steps forward. It is at this time that everything not tolerated by the daylight is coming to the forefront. This can only come to the surface because there is a positive counter flow and by that I mean an opposite pole is present. Evil can only be combated with the good. It is always true that only love force has the winning hand. Love force conquers all. But essentially it is all one and that means, the way you perceive evil, we do not perceive that here in this world. Everything has a predestined plan; everything is being discussed beforehand.

Inge: We see the same thing, only you just do not consider is as evil, you are seeing it otherwise.

For us, all that takes place on Earth is a force and you call it God or Allah or Buddha or all-that- is, the void. In essence all is one. It's just that on this earth it is possible to split the one and that is named duality so that you and each of you can experience themselves and from there can going through the development process.

But what happens when everything has come out and is released and the energy level of the Earth continues to rise?

Inge, the level will always continue to increase. The plan of God (see:
'The Great Invocation') will never be finished, it is in constant motion. That, we call the evolution. Also, the universe is in transition.

And what's so special about this time if you're talking about the great transformation process?

It is the time of awakening. Of course, awareness is as old as mankind as it has always strived to raise awareness. But at this time, it is spreading over the world like a whirlwind. The need for awareness is huge and because this need lives among the people, the awareness increases. These are also forces and these forces are very strong. These needs are also enhanced because they no longer takes place at the individual level. It is a collective consciousness that is increasing. Despite current turbulences, people feel more harmony, at least the people who have engaged in raising awareness.


So try to feel us and let us in, then we can help and send you to the direction your soul will do well. (LIght realm) Read: Unconditional love

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