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Shining your soul, is shining pure love. (Light realm)

Shining your soul - (Channeling Light realm)

The soul network is part of the cosmic plan to achieve evolution and transformation to the greatest love light.

Your soul

Your soul can by self-development, awareness and purification, be transformed to an increasingly higher level of energy. The connection to your Higher Self and higher energies will be getting stronger. This connection is all about authenticity. Authenticity is making unbiased connection to a state in which you are completely naked, so real. It is no longer about the people as individuals but about the love that transcends everything. The higher the energy of your soul, the higher the vibration frequency and the more subtle your energy will be.

Humans translate energy into dimensions, expressed by numbers; the higher the number, the higher the energy. This is on planet Earth the first to eighth dimension according to the human counting. But in fact, there is no first or eighth dimension. It is the name that people are giving to it.

Soul network of the fifth and seventh dimension

The souls in the fifth dimension are joined together by a (non-visible) grid and those of the seventh by another, also non-visible, grid. The soul network of a certain dimension always sticks out above the lower energies. The network is in fact a magnetic net which pulls up the lower energies. The soul network needs the light world as a parent; who pulls you up. That is no different than as people in their role as parent raising up their children. There you will watch over them and get the best out of it. When the souls from the network sinks down, that will have large consequences for the lower energies. Therefore, they are surrounded by higher energies and angels to guard them.

Magnetic field

The soul network of the seventh dimension is in connection with the magnetic field around the Earth that increases in vibration frequency. That is also the case with the soul network of the fifth dimension but to a lesser degree. The fourth and sixth dimensions are transformation dimensions where the soul network do not exist.

Transformation proces

Before you finally transform to the fifth or seventh dimension there are years of pathways and processes preceding the transformation dimensions. First you go a few times to the higher dimension in order to feel, to get used to it. You are getting experiences of being in that higher dimension and at some point you will be there all day long. It's like driving a car. In the beginning you are still thinking about every step and at some point you just do it. You should not see the fifth or seventh dimension so tight. You return back sometime but that has to do with your personal incarnation plan, which development you are going through and at what level you are. But actually you could say that from the fifth dimension and further our world would be easier available to you.

The souls of a network are connected telepathically with each other. Sometimes it happens in your dreams that you have contact with each other. But basically every individual needs its own development just to go to a higher energy. It may happen that you get in touch during certain periods in your life with someone from the network, which will feel quite familiar. That contact is necessary to keep you on the higher energy level. Sometimes you are pulled back by earthly experiences to a lower energy level. But souls from the network are sensitive to each other. So if it is needed, someone from the network will come into your life. And you feel when that happens, you know when it does. What we do is affecting the lower energies by using the radiance circles of the souls from the network.

Energy range

Every soul from the network has an energy range or scope around him. It is as the aura but more expanded. So you all have a radius around you. The appearance circles vary in size; one has a small circle and the other a big one. That has to do with your own incarnation plan. And if you are not so long belong to the network; your reach will also be less. But there will be more and more souls come to the network, because the energy is going to have its effects. More and more individuals are plugging into the network, which attracts the whole thing upwards.

Inge: Is that also what is often referred to in messages from the light realms when they say that you can help other people purely by your physical presence.

Yes, you're right.
(Hercules now shows a grid with a number pillars/ connections which are reaching down.) Those pillars all have an energy range that is sufficient to the people around them who are living in a lower energy, to pass on certain things. The connections are mainly used to give a certain sense allowing the lower energies to make certain choices in their lives.

Those lower energies are totally unaware what the souls from the higher dimensions are working on and that we are there as guides and helpers. So it makes no sense to tell them, so we will not do that. Because if they would be aware of, they would transform to a higher level of energy at the same time. It may also be that they are members of a religion or a church that condemns this matter, so they become blocked and thus making themselves unreachable for us. The only thing we can do is to use the higher energy of the souls from the higher dimensions and use their scope to influence the behavior of the lower energies.

Hercules reveals the pillars with the grid above. The pillars (souls) have different sizes of radiance circles; the one is bigger than the other. The circles overlap each other and cover a specific geographical area.

I will give an example. Imagine there's a mother at school. She senses things are coming out what she already thought and that she has a strong intuition. This is what she is thinking about as she lies alone in her bed. And she has a man who thinks its all nonsense. Thereby, she is a member of a strict religion and she has no friends who are engaged in this matter. In such a case she is difficult for us to reach. She will come in the scope of Inge at the schoolyard and she will have a conversation with Inge, which will arise in one way or another. Inge will tell something about intuition (see: Intuition) or how she experiences something. And by such a brief moment something at this woman is been tapped allowing her to pay attention to her own intuition.

It can go even further making her diving into these matter and drawing her to all kinds of meetings. And so she struggled out of the convictions of her surroundings about her intuition. So in your scope you do have influence on the earthly plane. That is why authenticity is so important and that you disseminate how you feel about something. If you are not yourself, we have no effect on the scope of the circle. Souls of a high energy and a big radiance circle are free spirits. These souls are not familiar with judging because judging will blocked you and if you are blocked, you will get not that effect.

Inge: So in everyone's scope is someone who is connected to the higher. But can it also be that there is an area, which does not fall within someone's range?

Yes, there are areas where we cannot come with a circle but there we are working on to realize that. These are areas where hangs lot of destructiveness and where few radiance circles are. It's hard to change something earthly allowing effect arises. Because we cannot enter at the lower energies without someone connected to the higher energies. The lower dimensions are not within our reach. Sadly this will not work.

But if in a wide area where lovelessness prevails a soul with a high energy and a large scope comes to live in, then that soul anyway have to boxes on against far lower energies.

But the energy of love always wins. If someone has a high energy then there will always be a number of souls around that person who are going to feel the love energy and transform it in turn to other energies and those will pass these on in turn. Love will always win, always. Hatred, war, violence and all other negative things can be tackled only one way: by love.

Your appearance

I would like to tell you about the circles of appearance. If you people would live less hurried, take a rest more and would more relax and meditate, then it would be much easier to pass on energies and to feel the energy of others. The terrible hurry-society breaks everything down. Every human being would have to go to his core and to come to rest, so that his circle has a maximum impact. By all the holes that people have at their core, the wrong energy turns inwards and the people are getting sick. You call it welfare disease. But essentially, it has to do with the fact that people do not hold the good and are not throwing out the bad. This is so very important in your world. There would be so much more time for rest and meditation. Half of our work would not be necessary because the man has it all.

Inge: And what created the holes in your core?

The holes in your core have to do with negative experiences you have in your life. If you do not properly processed and throw these out then it turns inwards and cause a blockage. As a result, it is then difficult to radiate pure energy to the outside world.


Be kind to your soul. Cherish her, protect her and teach her she is allowed to open. Then she will be happy and even more open. (Light realm) Read: Free your soul

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