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This is your chance to let the light shine in your heart and allow it, because each of you is beautiful. (Light realm)

Welcome visitor of this site - (Channeling Lichtwereld)

'Dear friends and visitors of this site,

Because you are here, it gives us a sense of honor and admission. Something in you has brought you to this site. Unfortunately we are not able to prove ourselves, we only can convey our feelings. Perhaps you can feel when you have had deep pain and why the pain became less. That was by consolation through meditation or praying, but it has never been by matter. And that is why we are here. We are not physical and we cannot give you anything. We can only show a little experience that will enrich your life.

There is no higher power or judgemental system. So be kind to yourself and study your mistakes. Every human being is born purely and every human being will die purely. Only in the film that is in between, you have opportunities. Chance to develop yourself and opportunities to develop other parts of the universe. Remember, you are only a very small part of a larger whole
(See: Your soul parts). You don’t need to have the illusion that you are alone or having the intention that you can solve it all by yourself. Only together we will be able to get the energy up.

Come to us and feel us and know that there is no word on this site that will not fall into place. Be thankful and blessed for everything you have in life, may experience and may feel. This is your chance to let the light shine inside your heart and allow it to do so, because each one of you is beautiful.

Be blessed and many thanks for your time, Hercules'


A teacher shows you your own light. Once this light becomes accessible and visible to yourself, the teacher is not needed anymore. (Jeshua) Read: Inner guide

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