I remind you to your own inner light for a while and reflect your greatness in the form of your spirit guide. (Jeshua)

Contacting your spiritual guide (Channeling Jeshua)

Channeling is a way to get closer to yourself through another. Temporarily the other one fulfills the function of a teacher. The energy of the other helps you to come at a deeper level of yourself. The energy of the other lifts you up above the fears that keep your essential light hidden.

A teacher shows you your own light. A teacher sees your light better than you do. Once this light is visible and accessible to you, the teacher becomes unnecessary. By then you can channel your own light. The other does not have to serve as a bridge between you and your Higher Self anymore.

I remind you to your own inner light for a while. I reflect your greatness in the form of your spirit guide. You see yourself in me, but you do not know yet. I'm your reference, my energy is your spirit guide. I'll help you to have a deeper connection with your Higher Self. Little by little it comes to the foreground and I go to the background. This is o.k. Remember, in this relationship, I'm here for you, you're not here for me. I am not the end but an instrument.

I do what promotes your greatness. My intention is that you make me redundant. If you are channeling me, you don't have to make yourself small or invisible. I just want you to make yourself bigger, to feel your true power flowing and let your light shine in the world.

A teacher shows the way but you walk the path. After a while you notice that you're walking alone and left the teacher behind. This is a great and sacred moment. The teacher stays with you and lives as inner form in your heart, but his outer form disappears.

We remain connected but you will recognize or call me less and less as a separate form. Then I become your own energy. In the long term you don't know me as separate from you anymore. This means that you have really heard and seen me.
(Jeshua - www.pamela.jeshua.net)


Channeling Hercules:


Channeling truly begins with confidence. Channeling, automatic writing, you name it. Every form in which you are contacting us, will only succeed if there is trust. Feeling, trusting, not thinking too much; everyone is able to learn it.

Many people forget that the connection to us is the power of love
(See: Love meditation). The form is not important. We attach no value to the way people learn to feel the connection with us, as long as it happens.


The most valuable for me was that I seem to be able to channel verbally myself, making my disbelief melted away. (Participant workshops) Read: Reflection

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