Chopin, Op. 9:2 N2

Angels are born, angels are flying away. Only once you can feel an angel, you will find your own true way. (Ismael)

white doves,
Channeled messages

        Living from your heart
To pure love
Feeling tired, lonely, sad
Letting go
World transformation
Being authentic / draw limits
Free yourself

Your soul
        Shining your soul
        Soul group
        Lightworkers, light bearers

Heal yourself
        Oneness energy
        Oneness healing
        White light
        Free your soul
        Healing process

Channel yourself
        Cosmic energy
Inner teacher
Higher Self
Inner voice
Coincidence doesn’t exist
Partnerschip with your guide
Channeling or healing?

Channeled during workshops
        Silence in your heart
Purify your heart
Mother Mary
Jesus Christ
Mother Earth
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