Chopin Op. 27:2 N8

Plans we make may be influenced by the present but are based on the cosmic plan with a bigger picture: the overview. (Light realm)

partnership, guide,
(Channeling Light realm)

Partnership with your spiritual guide/guardian angel

Inge: Is it correct that there is not such a thing like a fixed path? It seems that, at any given moment you as spiritual guides are overlooking actual situations and then determine what to do, but within a month the situation can be quite different.

Yes dear Inge, thank you for this question. It is certainly true that we work in a different manner than you do. We are under continuous influence of the souls with whom we are working. By this I mean, that we live on a certain energy level, associated with an incarnated soul. This soul has the freedom of choice; it makes decisions and shows us life. We are using this information. This means that everything that happens on Earth, every choice that is made, any economic change, any climate change, anything that happens in your life, offers us knowledge that we can anticipate upon. It may appear as if we just do whatever we want, but I can assure you that is really not the case. The plans we make are indeed often based on the actuality but also in close alignment with the cosmic plan that contains the bigger picture, the overview.

See it in this way. Let us take a marionette doll, which is controlled by an artist. That person will anticipate on the audience. So he will let the doll move and he let the doll acts in the way that he decides. If there is not the desired effect on the audience, he will adjust his next performance. The artist's aim is to satisfy his audience.

What we like to achieve, is an earthly transformation for which we invoke various resources. From the moment you are connected to our energy you are also a learning object for us. We are not omniscient, but we try to work on transformation together with you. As we have already told you: our world has different dimensions too.

In order to better interact with your earthly plane we should incarnate for a part along with you. That means that there are significantly higher energies than our energy. Therefore, someone who has a stronger connection with our cosmos also can access a higher range of a different energy. This is a bit similar to the oneness healing. You will not be directly susceptible to those higher energies; they have a different spectrum. We are just
(here the birth-guide makes with a big smile two quotation marks) "guardian angels".

As you see, we obviously can tell you a lot about our world. But your choices and directions will always be determined by how you yourself handle everything: how your families are drawing your attention or for example, the impact of the website
and many additional things I could mention.

So dear Inge, what we have stated here is sincerely and with the right intention, but its effect is certainly determined by what is going on in your world. So to say, we are one with everything. So yesterday or tomorrow, does not mean anything for us. That may be quite a difficult aspect for you to grasp. But that will be o.k.

What we do is try to connect to the human world to let humans feel what love is and to offer them insight in these processes. That's our main aim. If we would not interfere and try to touch you, you probably would not develop yourself. So we strive for positively influence by making use of human senses. That's the only thing we can do to gain trust, trust in our love and our energy in order to have people take care of each other again. That is what should happen.


You are channeling at all times when you are using your intuition, when you get inspired, when you feel deep inside yourself how things are truly works for you and how you would like things differently. See: Cosmic energy

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