This energy connects everything back to oneness. It brings everyone closer to true love. (Healing guides)

Oneness Energy (Channeling healing guides)

Beloved Ones,

Oneness energy originates from the wholeness, beyond all dimensions. She has no connection with all that is. She goes higher than any dimension as well. As not- being-divided, she is flowing far beyond every single matter. She goes far beyond the source of everything, since nothing is created out of her. She is, was and will be as she always has been. Everything what has been created is connected to her, but it not stems from her. The higher light realm makes use of her energy and now it is up to humanity to do the same, so that the path to unity in which the Earth and humankind is on the go, through all the dimensions, has been accelerated.

Beloved Ones,
This energy connects everything back to oneness. On human level, the unity of body and mind, allowing the soul to gain access to the whole body and all what is being held, can be released. Body, mind and spirit become one and the same. The mind goes from thinking to observation and experience. The soul is developing at relation to the experience and the intimate knowing, the knowing that stems from living through experience in the flesh.

Beloved Ones,
Each one can and should work with this energy. It is suitable for each person. Though it will be a different effect at each one depending on what the subject is to be healed and can be released. The more pure the healer, the better the energy can flow. During each healing the healer will also been healed. Since it is a process of unification, the state of oneness, the pure Being will be approached more and more. This makes it possible for the healer and the healie, to walk side by side through a process in which each one gets closer to the other. The direct experience of union between the one and the other provides for further healing on human level. It brings everyone closer to true love.

By passing on the knowledge and experience, a new healer is being born at each moment, making the process itself expanding and again new born healers and healy can work together on the path towards oneness.


The energy oneness healing has conveyed, has his influence not only on a personal level but on a much greater scale. The same is with power. Read: ‘World transformation'

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