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This meditation makes you feel that light and divinity is in every human being. (Light realm)

guardian angel, spiritual guide,

(Channeling Amael)
Meditation to the love in your heart

Breathe in deeply and feel the love flows.
Just be here; nowhere else.
The room is filled with energy and love.
Feel your heart,
feel your belly and be grateful to your body,
because it allows you to be One in your energy,
but also simply in your body.

Love is the greatest power there is
and it is out of love, that your heart beats.
With this meditation,
you feel that your heart is connected to us.
That we are here to strengthen you,
so that you can hold on to your energy
and handle the difficulties on your path.

So have confidence in your beating heart,
because that is what we are.
Jesus, just as we, are Light.
Jesus, the son of God, has given this light already.
Today you just feel, because Jesus lives in everyone.
Gabriel as light carrier, is very close.

This energy, is love.
Let it go and feel your beating heart.
Ask for worship and support and do not be afraid.
Because love is the only thing we know.
Bless life and embrace it
Jesus, the son of God, is what yóu are.


When you go to your heart, you connect to your soul and your soul is pure love. So when you go to your heart, you go to the place where you can experience love. (Essenes) Read: To pure love

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