When you are channeling, you form a channel

with your higher self, with a high cosmic ambience

in which knowledge and wisdom are seated.

(Channeling Jeshua)

Channeling your Higher Self

Channeling is becoming increasingly familiar especially lately. Prana is used widely in yoga and Eastern philosophy. Prana is a spiritual energy which you incorporate within with your breathing. The idea is that, when you inhale, you not only breathe in oxygen but also something else, a life force, a force that transcends the physical, and the sensorial. Thus a cosmic energy. This force makes it possible that you live.

As in breathing everyone assimilates besides oxygen also prana, so everyone constantly is channeling in its own way. Channeling is not limited to a few with a specific gift; channeling is the most natural thing in the world. The fact is that you cannot live without cosmic energy. You cannot be, not live, not flourish, without taking cosmic energy. Just as you can not live by oxygen alone, you can not live without creating a certain channel to the Cosmos. Earth and Cosmos, oxygen and prana are both required for you to get you fully manifested as human beings in this earthly reality.

Every person is a channel for the energy from the Cosmos to the Earth. The cosmic energy represents love, peace, joy, intuition, inspiration and light. This is something people do and it's something people need to feel happy and healthy. You are channeling at all times when you are using your intuition, when you get inspired, when you feel deep inside yourself how things are truly works for you and how you would like things differently. At those moments you form a channel with your Higher Self, with a high cosmic ambience in which knowledge and wisdom are seated that can assist you in achieving your goals here on Earth. So everyone channels.

(Conversations Jeshua -


I talk to you by putting my words in your mind. Don't be afraid and let it happen. I am love, love that you spread out with your heart. (Mother Mary) Read more ..

Quote: 'Everyone is a channel'

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